Mulling things over …

There are storms brewing out in the Atlantic about to batter the West coast of the UK … Sounds like the perfect time to head over to a remote cottage on the Isle of Mull for a week … That’s pretty much what happened back in November.  Myself and the usual motley crew of chaps that I associate myself with went to spend a week hill walking, climbing, and running, along with any other adventurous activities that took our fancy.  In reality we did very little of this; we sat in front of a fire eating cake and drinking whiskey whilst storms battered the house.  Nonetheless a grand time was had by all!

I’ll let some pictures do the rest of the talking!

Paul got hold of my camera and an incredible selfie and then went on to capture everyone else in an equally flattering manner…



Catching the ferry across from the Mainland to Mull, cracking views all round … the calm before the storm …



That little white dot is where we stayed for the week.  Remote as it gets!



Rush hour on the main road of the island …




This is a Sea eagle or something, Joe informed me that they were pretty rare apart from on the island.  Thought I best get a photo.  Joe could have told me any old bollocks though and I would have believed him; For all I know this is actually an oversized Scottish pigeon.


Most days we ended up going fishing as this was the only thing that we could do in the rain.  Paul loved it, this is his fish that he made friends with.  Fishh Ownnnnn!


On the better weather day we deployed the canoe to try and better our chances of catching fish.  It didn’t make us catch anymore fish, neither did it really support the weight of three normal sized people, let alone the weight of Paul and Joe.


Paul was hindered in his fishing escapades by his amazing ability to get the line tangled up into an almighty mess, as demonstrated by him here… He was hoping nobody noticed.  Paul also managed to lose at least 3 lures.  Never go fishing with Paul.



We had this amazing boulder field right outside the front door, just next to the beach that nobody appears to have recorded any routes on.  In between storms we managed to climb a few ‘routes’.  We are all shit at bouldering so they probably weren’t worthy of actual grades but it was a cracking location for it anyway!  (take note of the coming storm in the top left of this photo, about three of these came through in the space of an hour!)


Me making a complete meal out of what is a very straight forward climb.


The topping out was the hardest bit, the wind was ridiculous I could barely stand!


We sheltered behind the boulders during rain storms.  Joe giving a slightly sarcastic thumbs up.  Note the lack of Pauls presence in this photo.  He decided it was a shit idea to be out in the rain so he went and ate cake.  He isn’t a stupid lad.


Whilst we were sheltering from the storm I tried to teach Joe how to play the tin whistle. He was really really shit at it.  He was trying to play it in a howling gale though so I’ll let him off!


It would’ve been rude not to visit the distillery on the island, and it would’ve been even more rude not to have a whiskey tasting and distillery tour, and it would of been down right unacceptable not to by a bottle to take home with me.


So we had some time to kill before nightfall and Issac said there was a really good light house to fish from just round the corner.  Over 3 miles later, walking through bog, crumbling paths, and in completely inappropriate clothing we arrived at this awesome light house in the arse end of no where in a howling gale and rough seas.  Not the quick 15min jaunt we expected it to be.  After two casts of the rod it was too dark to see so we walked back, brilliant.  Bottom line, never trust Issac’s navagational instincts. Nice lighthouse though.


Once back in Tobermory I tried to be an artistic photographer.  This photo has meaning … really deep meaning … about something important … and it symbolises something arty.  Not really its just some shit stacked up on the pier.


On one of the calmer days we canoed over to ‘Inch Kennith’ which was the island opposite the house… Just round the corner from ‘Yard Mike’, just south of ‘Furlong John, and on the same latitude as ‘Meter Barry’


The house is so remote there was no hospitals near by, so when Joe developed this growth in an unfortunate place he just had to embrace it.


Show us your starfish …


Team photo without Andy.  As was the case with the Dorset Trip, Andy still didn’t know where he was or what was going on, so much so that he didn’t managed to make it to this photo.


Andy later turned up in a photo of his own, blissfully unaware he’d missed anything.


Issac had been on the Island for so long he lost his mind.  He became deranged and started wielding a gun, and telling people that he didn’t eat meat … Its okay Issac there is a cure for everything these days.

Joe’s Dad had this epic series 1 Landy that he drives around on the island. I took a photo of it.



Usually its the cam before the storm, but its definitely all about the calm after the storm in this picture.  The light was amazing.

On a trip where I went away to get fit, spend time in the hills, and take in the sea air, I achieved very little of that.  I ate loads of cake, put on loads of weight, but I had a cracking trip with my pals cruising about the west coast of Scotland in a canoe.  Life is good.

Back to basics

So this isn’t a blog where you are going to find world class photos … I’m not a photographer… I make films usually. However I do take some holiday snaps when I go on adventures … I really like going on adventures with good people to good places. So in short if you like mediocre photos about really fun trips that might inspire you to switch off for a bit and have some fun should probably follow this blog. Also my writing skills are somewhat below par, so I’ll keep the text to a minimum in an effort to cause the least amount of offence possible to all of you grammar Nazis out there.

To kick things off; I had a week on the Dorset coast back in September, we drank ale, ate sea food, camped out, and did some rock climbing. It was pretty mega and we had an ace time; see for yourself …

We all looked thoughtful and pensive into the great blue sea … reality is there was no deep thoughts occurring at all.Dorset_2015-25

Someone hit the off switch on Josh … Just having a quick power nap stood up he was…Dorset_2015-24

Josh really isn’t himself in the mornings …Dorset_2015-22

I’ve bivvied out on Glaciers in the alps, but this bivvy was the best I’ve ever had.  The super moon was out, and as I lay in my bivvy bag, the milky way made its way accross an immaculate night sky.  You don’t always need to go far from home to see amazing things …Dorset_2015-21

Andy didn’t know where he was, what was going on, or how to pronounce any of the place names in Dorset.  He sports this confused look for the majority of his life… blessDorset_2015-20

A grand spot for wanging a few afternoon lefties.  This was the view from directly outside of the cave we lived in for 3 days.  Can’t ask for much more really.Dorset_2015-19

Paul had a pretty severe face malfunction for a while.  You’ll all be pleased to know that he recovered fully from this.Dorset_2015-18

Paul’s face in fully working order again.  A look of contentment like this can only mean one thing for Paul.  He had just eaten lots of food.Dorset_2015-17

Reservoir dogs theme tune anyone?Dorset_2015-8

There is only one way to properly explore the Jurassic coast, and thats by getting right in amongst it.  We had a sterling coasteering session as the sun was setting one evening.Dorset_2015

The smiles say it all.  Smiles such as these featured heavily throughout the whole week.Dorset_2015-2

Joe was worried about the walk down to the camping spot so he thought he’d better wear his helmet.  To be fair the walk through those lush green fields with the trickling streams, combined with the brilliant sunshine did make for a perilous 20min stroll…  And yes James is carrying a cuddly monkey, and yes there is an inflateable crocodile in this photo, and yes we are all wearing stupid hats, I have no idea why anything of these things happened but I didn’t like to question it.Dorset_2015-3

Day 4 on Portland … Joe is still concerned for his safety and hasn’t removed his helmet.  We had an hour before sundown so five of us went on a mission to do as many  routes as possible.  We climbed as the last golden rays of light lit up the crag in a brilliant orange glow.  It was hard to believe we were in the UK (apart from the biting wind!).Dorset_2015-4

It was hard to concentrate on climbing when you’ve got this spectacular show going on behind you.Dorset_2015-5

I could do a whole separate blog post about the amazing sunsets we had all week… maybe I will!Dorset_2015-6

Unfortunately he wasn’t wearing these shorts as a joke … they are actually his swimming shorts.  James getting his deep water solo on with yet more brilliant sunshine.Dorset_2015-9

We enjoyed ourselves far too much…Dorset_2015-10

There appears to be a wookie residing on my chest and in my arm pits … I’ll get that checked out sometime…Dorset_2015-11

And then out of no where a wild Joe appears!Dorset_2015-12

Too many boil in a bag meals over the course of the week had left Andy battling constipation.  I’m only joking, as much as it looks like he is constipated, unfortunately his face actually looks like this.Dorset_2015-13


Who likes short shorts?Dorset_2015-15

Rush hour on Portland’s easiest deep water solo.  Also with over 15miles of coastline on Portland, Josh decided that this was the best spot to fish … Some people are so inconsiderate.Dorset_2015-16

The last light at the ends of the earth (Portland does feel like the end of the earth sometimes to be honest).Dorset_2015-7

No ground breaking climbs were achieved on this trip, no uncharted territory explored, and no feats of human endurance were displayed.  I’d still argue however that this was an expedition, an expedition with the simple goals of; having fun, not having the pressure to do anything at certain times, and simply existing in a cool place.  We absolutely smashed these goals without even meaning to.  Isn’t that what its all about?  Also pretty much none of the captions to these photos should be taken seriously.

James also took some of these photos so cheers mate!